Ignite Show: Hillel Cooperman on the Lego Underground

Some people never grow up. Some people wait to have children so that they can become kids again. When Hillel Coopermans’s young ones were four he began his family’s Lego collection. This led to whole rooms being devoted to the hobby, to eBay auctions, and Leog conventions. In this week’s Ignite Show Hillel takes us through the Lego Underground. He delves into Lego CAD and custom Lego pieces. If you need more Lego check out Wired’s gallery of Lego projects for this weekend’s Maker Faire.

You can also get the Ignite Show on iTunes.

  • msilver

    It’s stuff like this that makes me want to just shut myself in a room and play with legos again. I tried to get my old legos which my sister apparently took from my parents’ house… she said I couldn’t have them because her friend’s 3 year old liked playing with them too much. So that hurt… I want to do what a 3 year old does.

    the e-klocki folks also make me want to spend all my money on legos too.