Maker Faire Opens Saturday

Maker Faire is here again, our fourth annual event in the Bay Area. Once again, you just won’t believe how much there is to see and do at Maker Faire.

Makers were busy today setting up on Friday. In the morning, we had 400 kids visit the fairgrounds for a backstage tour and a chance to spend time with dozens of makers. By the end of the day over most of the makers had arrived. Over 750 came together for beer and a paella dinner outside — and countless conversations.

This time lapse recording of the day gives you some sense of how all the magic comes together on Friday — with a view of the rides on the midway rising up from the grass.

I hope to see many of you tomorrow. Bring the whole family. Remember to check for information on parking and public transit options. We’re open 10 am to 8 pm on Saturday and 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday.

  • It was great to volunteer on Friday and give the kids the a tour of the innovative projects at Makers Faire this year. I think it gives the kids a sense of hope and inspiration for the future to balance out all of the negative things they hear at home or in the media about the economy. I am sure it was a mind expanding experience for them. Encouraging innovation is not exactly integral in the public school system curriculum, so thanks Dale, for making the future of America a priority at the Maker Faire.