Overheard: @edjez on innovation in mobile

Question: When you plug something in do you say “I’m using electricity” or “I’m using the wall socket”? Sometimes I feel the discussion about innovation in mobile tech sounds like a discussion of innovation in energy…where the discussion centers on the design of plugs & sockets.

Eduardo Jezierski, in Phones Don’t Change the World, People Do.

P.S. It’s unbelievable that more people don’t follow Edjez on twitter, or read his blog. He doesn’t blog or tweet often – he’s out saving the world. He’s worth paying attention to.

  • Fred McClimans

    Thx for the tip on Eduardo (twitter.com/edjez). Your question requires context to answer, just like the answer to your question – we often overlook the application and social impact in favor of savoring the glitz of the chips and technology.

    – Fred (twitter.com/azratek)

  • Absolutely agree about following @edjez and that he doesn’t post nearly often enough…

  • @edjez rocks! thanks for propping all the good work they are doing and challenges they are trying to solve sir!

  • Moar @edjez!

    (but not at the expense of the awesome stuff you do)

  • Thanks Tim! Flattered. Now I have to measure up? There are many many many people working on improving this planet from whatever it is that they do best, and ‘saving’ is not the right word.

    (Admit: This have been a particularly quiet month, on purpose. As we saw the wave of Swine flu raise and come in, we had to focus on our work supporting with technologies the agencies responsible for containment, and chose not to take an impromptu role in risk communication, and not to use the event for marketing. Sometimes if you have a loudspeaker, the right thing to do is to turn it off, or hand it over to others).

    I look at what Grameen is doing, at the incessant stream of innovation I see on http://trackernews.net and at the potential of folks in our labs in the world…and you are right, it should be shared more.

    I encourage folks to identify things that inspire them and get exposed to them often – to look at small improvements and creating change by working together better, and sharing bits of knowledge, skills and capital with others who share your intent.