That Was Fast: Uses Latitude API

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Yesterday location-sharing startup took advantage of the Latitude API (Radar post) to get their users’ location. Now you can share your Latitude-enhanced location with your Mapme friends, track your location and update Yahoo’s FireEagle (which in turn can update many other services).

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To use the new method Mapme users have to enable the Latitude blog badge and then copy the JSON Latitude URL from the bottom of that page. Then you just add that URL to your Mapme account’s Source page.

Once shared there is no way to undo Mapme’s access to your location other than turning off Latitude. In the future I expect Google to implement OAuth which give user’s more control, but for now be aware that once your Latitude ID is shared it is “forever”. (As this is a Developer Release and obviously not intended for widespread use Google gets a pass on this.. for now, but user’s should be aware of this limitation).

I wrote more about Latitude’s nascent API in my post: Google’s Sneaky Launch of Latitude’s Location-Sharing API

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