Four short links: 22 June 2009

Decaying Friendships, Crowdsourced Cars, Aussie Gov 2.0, Zoomable Presentations

  1. Half of All Friends Replaced Every 7 Years — to put it another way, the half-life of friendship is 7 years. (via zephoria on delicious)
  2. Crowdsourced Car Design — an interesting approach, and I can imagine it being described as “threadless for cars”. (via timoreilly on Twitter)
  3. Australian Gov 2.0 Taskforce — The Aussies are getting their Gov 2.0 on. Check out Senator Kate Lundy’s Public Sphere event today got a lot of Twitter action.
  4. Prezi — sexy zoomable presentation creator. Keynote meets Ken Burns Effect on PCP. Nifty look from a Budapest-based startup.
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