Four short links: 25 June 2009

Twitter Bucks, Nike Numbers, Map Apps, and Digi Shiz

  1. How an Indie Musician Can Make $19,000 in 10 Hours Using Twitter — as Zoe Keating pointed out: “cash made by @amandapalmer in one month on Twitter = $19,000; cash made by @amandapalmer from 30,000 record sales = $0”.
  2. The Nike Experiment: How the Shoe Giant Unleashed the Power of Personal Metrics (Wired) — And not only can we collect that data, we can analyze it as well, looking for patterns, information that might help us change both the quality and the length of our lives. We can live longer and better by applying, on a personal scale, the same quantitative mindset that powers Google and medical research. Call it Living by Numbers—the ability to gather and analyze data about yourself, setting up a feedback loop that we can use to upgrade our lives, from better health to better habits to better performance. Collective intelligence + sensor networks can = happiness. (Mathematics gets by with just an “equals” operator. The rest of us need a “can equal” operator …)
  3. Old Map App — iPhone app with old maps. Reminds me of David Rumsey’s keynote at OSCON 2004.
  4. Make It Digital — Digital NZ site that helps organisations wanting to produce digital content, by offering them guidance on formats, metadata, and other issues they’ll have to tackle. Includes a voting system to promote the (NZ) content you want to have digitised.
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