Four short links: 5 June 2009

Kid Robots, US CTO, SCOTUS CSS, Javascript Infoviz

  1. Visual Programming Environments for Kids — detailed writeup of the research and coding done by Shone Sadler to build a visual programming environment for robots, so simple that kids can use it. (via steveweiss on Twitter)
  2. The Nation’s CTO Lays Out His Priorities — it’s still not entirely clear how the CTO and CIO’s roles differ, as both are focusing on open data and “innovation platforms”. CTO explicitly calls out economic growth through technology and innovation, though, which could be promising.
  3. Redesigning the Government: The US Supreme Court — the Sunlight Foundation offer a redesigned home page to the US Supreme Court, showing how it could be more useful. How long until the government’s CSS is in a git repository where most people with commit access are outside the beltway?
  4. Javascript Infoviz Toolkit — Treemaps, Radial Layouts, HyperTrees/Graphs, SpaceTree-like Layouts, and this Javascript suite for building data pretties. Higher-level than processing.js. (via chrisblizzard on Twitter)
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