Ignite Show: Veronica Belmont on the Do's and Don'ts of Making Memes

At Ignite SF on 4/1 Veronica Belmont shared some do’s and don’ts on businesses and their attempts at viral marketing campaigns. Her advice is simple (Don’t be a jerk, Don’t try too hard, Be funny). Veronica’s examples run the gamut from one of the best (Subservient Chicken) to the recent and risky (Skittles).

You can get the Ignite show on iTunes, via the Ignite Show site, or in your feedreader.

  • Vanessa? Isn’t that what Leo Laporte calls her?


  • I learnt 2 things today : what is a meme and who is Veronica Belmont. Very energetic enthusiastic video ! Thanks for this, Brady.

  • thank you