Most Hadoop Jobs Are In California

Given the recent buzz surrounding Hadoop and MapReduce, I was curious if employers were beginning to mention either term in their job postings. Fortunately I have access to a massive job data warehouse dating back to mid-2005. In partnership with SimplyHired and Greenplum, we maintain a data warehouse that contains most of the online job postings in the U.S.

While the percentage of job postings that mention either Hadoop or MapReduce remains miniscule, the number of such postings is growing steadily:


The number of Hadoop/MapReduce job postings (during the Feb/Apr 2009 period) grew 49% compared to 2008. In contrast, the tough economic environment has translated to significantly fewer job postings: the total number of online job postings declined 40% during the same period.

How mainstream is Hadoop? While researching our report on Big Data, we talked to a (database) vendor who jokingly claimed that nobody outside of the West & East coast cared about Hadoop. Analysis of recent job postings seems to support that perspective. During the three most recent months, employers in 18 states posted Hadoop/MapReduce jobs online, but 60% of those were in California. The top 5 states (CA, MD, NY, MA, WA) accounted for 87% of the Hadoop/MapReduce job postings:


Looking at the same period last year, 72% of the job postings were in California, and the top 5 states (CA, WA, TX, PA, VA) accounted for 79%.

Given the presence of large (Google, Yahoo!, Facebook) and small companies (Cloudera, Greenplum, Aster, …) who are leaders in the use of Hadoop/MapReduce, it’s no surprise that at this early stage, a large share of jobs are in California. While the share of California job postings remains high (60%), it’s down from 72% last year. As mentioned above, the percentage of job postings that mention either Hadoop or MapReduce remains miniscule, so I caution against reading too much into the geographic distributions. Nevertheless, it’s clear that California employers are expressing interest in Hadoop skills ahead of their peers in other states.

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