Citizen Engineer: Open Source Hardware Hacking Zine

citizen engineer

Over at Adafruit, Limor Fried and Phil Torrone have put out the first issue of Citizen Engineer. It’s a zine devoted to open-source hardware, electronics arts and hacking. Some details from the site:

Citizen Engineer volume 01 is now a comic book/zine! Volume 01 of Citizen Engineer is available as a limited edition full color 32 page comic “SIM CARD HACKING” – the comic also comes with a SIM card reader kit! We print, trim and assemble each one on demand and they look amazing! We are doing a limited run of these, get the first printing at Adafruit Industries.

The issue also contains info on how to modify old payphones. It reminds me of 2600, but pt and Limor provide the hardware for the hacks.