Four short links: 16 July 2009

Transparency Camp, Wasted Time, Advertising Hypocrisy, Maker Skills

  1. Transparency Camp West — a few more slots left for Google-hosted Aug 8 and 9 Bar Camp on open government.
  2. Meeting Ticker — count the cost of a meeting in real time, just enter the number of people, the time it started, and the average salary. (via make on Twitter)
  3. More Creative Shops Are Commercializing Their Own Product Lines — Tellingly, ad companies don’t run ads for their products. “[W]e haven’t bought a single ad in support of any of our brands. Not one. Why would we? You can do so much if you know what you’re doing with product placement, sponsorship, digital PR. It’s that whole “I haven’t got any money, so I’ll have to think.” It makes you much better at grinding out media without paying. (via someone on Twitter, apologies for forgetting whom)
  4. 18 Essential Skills for a Maker13. Strip, splice, and terminate wire- Trickier than it sounds. You should be able to splice wire using a crimp splice, a wire nut, and heat shrink + solder (note: electrical tape is NOT on that list). You should know how to use a wire stripper to strip stranded wire without cutting more than one or two strands. You should be able to attach a wire to your project in such a way that it will still be attached in two weeks, two months, or two years. (via Makezine)
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