Four short links: 23 July 2009

Wave Fed, Fake Steve, Vanish and Reconnoiter

  1. Google Wave Federation Protocol — the interesting part of Wave for me is the system for keeping databases coherent. There’s a
    reference implementationl.
  2. I shouldn’t have yelled at that Chinese guy so much — the post that redeemed Fake Steve Jobs in my eyes. We all know that there’s no fucking way in the world we should have microwave ovens and refrigerators and TV sets and everything else at the prices we’re paying for them. There’s no way we get all this stuff and everything is done fair and square and everyone gets treated right. No way. And don’t be confused — what we’re talking about here is our way of life. Our standard of living. You want to “fix things in China,” well, it’s gonna cost you. Because everything you own, it’s all done on the backs of millions of poor people whose lives are so awful you can’t even begin to imagine them, people who will do anything to get a life that is a tiny bit better than the shitty one they were born into, people who get exploited and treated like shit and, in the worst of all cases, pay with their lives.
  3. Vanish — time-limited encryption in a Firefox plugin.
  4. Reconnoiter — holy cow web console and analytics for data centers, from the magic Theo Schlossnagle. He built the screenshots for his OSCON presentation, graphing streams of live performance data from dozens of data centers, while on a Virgin America flight.
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