Four short links: 3 July 2009

Stats, Public Domain, Sewers, and Garbage

  1. OECD Factbook — Flash-built impressive data explorer from OECD. Go to Indicators > Load and, in the words of Ben Goldacre, “prepare for nerdgasm”. (via bengoldacre on Twitter)
  2. James Boyle is on Twitter — author of the book The Public Domain.
  3. Sewers and Startups (Pete Warden) — designing to last, reminds me of Saul Griffith’s heirloom design riff. When I joined Apple back in 2003, the central build farm for all projects had both PowerPC and x86 Darwin boxes, and our code had to compile on both. Steve was playing a long game, years before the Intel switch he was obviously planning for it, (though I only caught the significance in retrospect).
  4. Open Data Makes Garbage Collection Sexier, Easier, and Cheaper — pragmatic use for open government data. For more on the author of this post, see Hello World for Open Data by Tim Bray.
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