Tonight's Ignite OSCON Line-Up

Bring the duct-tape, your head will explode. Here’s the line-up for tomorrow’s Ignite OSCON, starting 7.30pm in Exhibit Hall 3 of the San Jose Convention Center. (It’s just before the 8.30pm Google-O’Reilly Open Source Awards)

Jesse Vincent (@obra) – Hacking the Kindle
The Kindle is not a read-only platform. One intrepid explorer reports back from the frontier.

Skud (@skud) – Textiles
Far more than you ever wanted to know about far more than you ever wanted to wear.

Liz Henry (@lizhenry) – Your Flying Jetpack
Don’t sit around waiting for the future to give you a flying jetpack, there’s something you should be working on.

Julian Cash – Photographing Open Source
Stories from behind the lens.

Sandy Jen (@meebosandy) – How To Be Really Cheap
How Meebo didn’t buy expensive stuff and you can too.

Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer) – Three Words on Teaching
Three words that made me a better teacher.

Selena Deckelmann (@selenamarie) – How A Bunch Of Normal People Used Technology To Repair a Rigged Election
Lessons learned from a trip to teach PostgreSQL in Akure, Nigeria.

Erica Olsen (@eriquita) – The Librarian Avengers Film Rating System
The A-Z (more or less) of film ratings.

Damian Conway – Titles Are For Wimps
Nobody knows what Damian will talk about it, but it will be a miracle if we can get him to stop at just 5 minutes.

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