Two Cool New Bookworm Features

There’s no question that there’s plenty of room for improvement among EPUB readers. From simple things like poorly handling multiple author names to more complicated issues like CSS support, readers (the people, not the software) deserve better. That’s one reason we’ve been sponsoring the open-source Bookworm reader, which is among the best ebook readers around (and looks great on mobile browsers, including Kindle’s).

Liza Daly (@liza) has a post over on the O’Reilly Labs blog covering two very cool new Bookworm features:

  • Feedbooks integration: one-click import from the most popular Feedbook titles, localized to the language set in your Bookworm preferences
  • Add to Bookworm: any website can use the same technique to create an “add to Bookworm” button

Bookworm is currently available in seven languages: English, German, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese (if you’re interested in helping to translate Bookworm into more lnaguages, let us know). Report bugs and request features over at the public issue tracker. (And if you want to contribute to the project, visit the project page over on Google Code.)

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