Four short links: 3 August 2009

Mathematics Collaboration, Risk, Visualisation, and SemWeb

  1. Enabling Massively Parallel Mathematics Collaboration — Jon Udell writes about Mike Adams whose WordPress plugin to grok LaTeX formatting of math has enabled a new scale of mathematics collaboration.
  2. 2845 Ways to Spin The Risk — introduction to the ways in which our perception of risk (and numbers in general) can be distorted by how it is presented. (via titine on Twitter)
  3. Logstalgia — OpenGL app to visualize Apache log files.
  4. 4Store — “scalable RDF storage”. 4store was designed by Steve Harris and developed at Garlik to underpin their Semantic Web applications. It has been providing the base platform for around 3 years. At times holding and running queries over databases of 15GT, supporting a Web application used by thousands of people. (via joshua on Delicious)
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