Infographic of the Day: The US as Manufacturing Leader

The U.S. remains the world’s largest manufacturer, but with growth projected to be flat, China is poised to overtake it by 2015. In 2007 the U.S. accounted for 20% of manufacturing, China had 12%.


(From the Wall St. Journal.)

  • Compare and contrast to an NYT infographic (via Jon Taplin):

    We may still be a manufacturing leader, but that’s just because we build *lots* of weaponry.

  • bex


    based on past experience… projecting out more than 5 years is usually nothing but educated guesses and/or lies.

    Other than real demographic shifts, I’ve never seen a chart 5 years out that was remotely accurate 5 years later.

  • XJ

    I am not sure whether it is a good news to China.