Join Us For Geeks on a Plane: Europe Edition 2009


Even though the economy is down there are still new technologies to explore, people to meet and ideas to exchange. To facilitate this Dave McClure and I are hosting the first Geeks on a Plane: Europe. We are inviting Silicon Valley & US entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, and bloggers (you!) on a 14-day tour of Europe’s top technology cities, events, and people featuring stops in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Paris, plus a kickoff event in Washington, DC.


GOAP Europe is following in the footsteps of Dave McClure’s successful Geeks on a Plane Asia from this past Spring. The anchor events are Seed Camp in London (a week long entrepreneurship mentoring event), PICNIC, a great technology conference in Amsterdam, and we end with FOWA London, an excellent web development and design conference. In Berlin, Prague, and Paris we plan on hosting Ignites (a series of five-minute geek talks) and Startonomics (an event for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs).

We are hoping to have 20+ attendees for the whole trip. So far it’s a combination of technologists, VCs, bloggers, and entrepreneurs — all of them geeks.


At each city we’ll have events where tour attendees can meet and mingle with local technologists. The goals of the event are to meet startups, geeks, VCs in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Paris. To learn about trends in European web, mobile, gaming platforms. To gain insight into local markets, demographics, business models. And to meet cool people, new ventures, plus have fun on planes, trains, buses. The event is starting out in DC where we will I’ll be joining in London.

The costs vary by the number of cities and events you attend. These are the estimates:

Full Trip (4-6 cities): $1250 all events + travel/hotel = ~$3000-5000

Partial Trip (2-3 cities): $750 events pass + travel/hotel = ~$2000-4000

Single City (DC or other): $500 events pass + travel/hotel = ~$1000-2000

Let us know if you wish to attend. If you are attending FOWA or PICNIC you should definitely consider extending your trip and joining us in some of the other cities. Just fill out the invite request and tell us more about yourself. If you are interested in sponsoring the event use the same form.