Review of Guobin Yang's "Power of the Internet in China"

I’ve posted my review of

The Power of the Internet in China: Citizen Activism Online
a combination of research and sociological analysis, here:

Book review

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  • Thanks for this excellent review. Fascinating to note both the similarities and differences in how different cultures use the Internet for citizen connection and participation.

    And a relief (but not surprising) to see a hunger for freedom, community and justice.

    As you point out however, with your reference to “Open Networks, Closed Regimes: The Impact of the Internet on Authoritarian Rule”, it’s also possible for the Internet’s implementation in particular cases to less than helpful towards these ends.

    I believe the microtransaction in the area of political speech… and for the best development of global civilization… should take place through a neutral platform with Enlightenment standards owned by neither any single government nor any single private enterprise…

    But rather owned by humanity as a whole.

    I’m certainly one of the worst businessmen on the planet… and couldn’t code 2+2 in basic,

    But I think this is an important idea… and is worthy of some discussion. The political microtransaction can be critical for re-building confidence in our fraying social contract…

    And also useful in educating populations with little experience in self-governance with the necessary standards for discourse and decision in society.

    The Individually-Controlled/Commons-Dedicated Account…

    (over 1500 views now on my first PowerPoint Fixing Big!