Watch Burning Man From Home

Video streaming by Ustream

Burning Man has started. You can watch the tech-art festival via its live uStream feed. They will be switching between Center Camp, the gate (where there was recently a white-out) and various art projects. I wrote about some of the tech at this year’s Burning Man (including a new geodata API) last week. Jeffrey Johnson, one of the people behind all of this new geodata, is going to start collecting aerial imagery later this week at 6-inch resolution. Burning Man is such the hacker’s paradise.

  • Bonnie Blackwell

    Really loving this! Thank you for the opportunity to share this experience live! Very impressive, even better than I had imagined. Nice.

  • This is great! Thanks for sharing it. And just to think…I’ll be in these streams in less than 24 hours!!!

  • Massimo Sgrelli

    Thanks you for sharing. I hope to be part of this great show in the future. It’s really hackers paradise and geeks dream

  • Mark Campbell

    Excellent – it’s been ten years since I visited Black Rock City. This link brings back great memories! Thanks for sharing :)

  • David and Mossimo: Want to arrange a virtually inspired wave just because we can? I’m watching the stream pretty regularly…

  • bowerbird

    there are flash bugs in that ustream movie.

    i don’t know if they’d still appear if you
    turned off auto-play, but give it a try, ok?


  • Linda Frohne

    My Son Devon and Bianca Dino Are There.. A.K.A. 3L3TRONIC..This Is Great!!!


    Still Shots of your announcement are going out via Flickr/Wonderlane and Facebook…

    Thank you for the groovy view.