Online Where 2.0: iPhone Sensors for Developers

Online Conference Happening December 3, 2009

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It’s difficult to make it to every conference and yet there are always new developments, technologies and issues during the off times. So we are trying something new. a series of Online Conferences that will happen through out the year. We just had a successful one on eBooks for our Tools of Change conference and now we are launching one for Where 2.0. On December 3rd please join me, Brian Jepson and 5 other speakers as we discuss and explore iPhone sensors at the first ever Online Where 2.0 on December 3rd.

Brian and I will introduce the conference and then turn the microphone over to:

Alasdair Allan, the author of our upcoming Learning iPhone Programming book – The iPhone, like a lot of high-end smart phones these days, comes with a number of sensors: camera, accelerometer, GPS, proximity, magnetometer (digital compass). The first half of this session will cover the parameters and functions for each sensor. The second half will be a live coding of an accelerometer-based app.

Alasdair will be followed by four app developers who will each focus on the sensors they used in their respective apps. They will cover their tools, their process and their mistakes.

Andreas Alfare of MobilizyWikitude (iTunes link) is an augmented reality app that allows you to layer virtual content over a real world view. Andreas will explain how they take advantage of the compass and camera in their app.

Ian Peters-Campbell of Loopt -Loopt is a well-know and very popular location-based social networking app. Ian will discuss their use of the GPS, how they compensate for location flakiness and Mapkit.

Martin Roth of RJDJ – RJDJ (iTunes link) uses microphone to create a soundscape. Martin will cover their use of the audio input and onboard audio processing.

Leon Palm of MagicSolver – SudokuMagic (iTunes link)is a Sudoku app that uses the camera to import paper sudoku boards. Leon will discuss the assumptions, tools, and trade-offs made in their computer vision app.

Each session will be half prepared content and half Q&A time. We will be using to Google Moderator to field questions. The cost is $149 and it will run from 9:00AM -12:45PM PST. All attendees will get 25% off for Where 2.0 2010.

Google’s Ed Parsons wonders if the Online Where 2.0 might be the future of conferences. As he says “If you can’t bring the people to a conference, bring the conference to the people…” We’re trying something new. Let us know what you think.