Four short links: 11 November 2009

Participation Tools, Open Data Requests, Go Programming Language, Why Open Source is Better

  1. ParticipateDB — database of online tools for public participation. Closed alpha now, with 32 tools and 15 projects in the database. (via Sara Winge)
  2. DataTO — like, but it’s where users request data sets. (In this case, from the Toronto municipal government)
  3. Go — new language from Bell Labs and Unix central figures Rob Pike and Ken Thompson, who now work at Google. Bits of C, bits of Google, it compiles to native binaries and runs nearly as fast as C. Built with concurrency and memory management as central figures. Not used in production at Google yet, but grew from a 20% project to something worthy of public release.
  4. On Commit Bits (Jacob Kaplan-Moss) — that day-one-commit-bit is one of the starkest differences between the corporate and the open source development model. […] Granted, Django’s very conservative when it comes to granting that commit bit, but I’m not aware of a single open source project under the sun that’d give out a commit bit on a contributor’s first day. I’ve seen developers who’ve been hired to work full time on open source work for months without commit access to the project they’re paid to develop! One of several posts that Jacob’s made about why open source makes for (on average) better software.
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