Four short links: 9 November 2009

Moth Mind Readers, Shiny UI Futures, Usable Newspapers, Hardware Testing

  1. A Battery-Free Implantable Neural Sensor (MIT Tech Review) — Electrical engineers at the University of Washington have developed an implantable neural sensing chip that needs less power. Uses RFID’s induction technology which means the power source can be up to a meter away. Proof of concept was implanted in a moth to sense central nervous system activity.
  2. New Microsoft Interface Technology — videos from Craig Mundie (Chief Research and Strategy Officer) on the MS Campus Tour talking about the future of UI using a sexy glass prototype that features tablet PC, gesture, speech recognition, and even eye tracking. Lustable.
  3. Adding Usability to Print — detailed description of a failed pitch to reinvent a newspaper, to bring web sensibility to print. Make the paper more usable, think cross media instead of separate media, while using the strength of the paper (pictures, info graphics, nice text) to the max… Make a product that people want to buy because it is more usable that the competitor, not because it wins graphic design prizes. (via Evolving Newsroom)
  4. StressAppTest — Google-created open source project to pound the living crap out of hardware by maximising random traffic to memory from processor and I/O, with the intent of creating a realistic high load situation in order to test the existing hardware devices in a computer.
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