Four short links: 16 December 2009

Global Broadband, A/B Testing Stats, Streaming with SSDs, Online Videos Sell

  1. OECD Broadband Portal — global data on broadband penetration and pricing available from June 2009.
  2. Easy Statistics for A/B Testing — it really is easy. And it mentions hamsters. This is worth reading. (via Hacker News)
  3.’s SSD Streaming InfrastructureEach single SSD can support around 7000 concurrent listeners, and the serving capacity of the machine topped out at around 30,000 concurrent connections in it’s tested configuration. Lots of hardware and OS configuration geeking here, it’s great. (via Hacker News)
  4. Videos Sell More Product — Zappos sells 6-30% more merchandise when accompanied by video demos. By the end of next year, Zappos will have ten full working video studios, with the goal of producing around 50,000 product videos by 2010, up from the 8,000 videos they have on the site today (via johnclegg on Twitter)
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