Four short links: 4 January 2010

Code for Speed, Wooden Locks, Font Design, and a Java Distributed Data Store

  1. Why Git Is So Fast — interesting mailing list post about the problems that the JGit folks had when they tried to make their Java version of Git go faster. Higher level languages hide enough of the machine that we can’t make all of these optimizations. A reminder that you must know and control the systems you’re running on if you want to get great performance. (via Hacker News)
  2. Wooden Combination Lock — you’ll easily understand how combination locks work with this find piece of crafty construction work.
  3. From Moleskine to Market — how a leading font designer designs fonts. Fascinating, and beautiful, and it makes me covet his skills.
  4. Terrastore — open source distributed document store, HTTP accessible, data and queries are distributed, built on Terracotta which is built on ehcache (updated: Terracotta has an ehcache plugin, but isn’t built on ehcache). A NoSQL database built on Java tools that serious Java developers respect, the first such one that I’ve noticed (update: I brain-farted: neo4j was definitely on my radar). Notice that all the interesting work going on in the NoSQL arena is happening in open source projects.
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  • Sergio Bossa

    Hi Nat,

    thanks for pointing at Terrastore: feel free to ask if you need any additional information.

    Just a clarification to your short summary: Terrastore is based on Terracotta, but not on Ehcache.


    Sergio B.

  • Thomas

    Your statement that Terracotta is build on ehcache is not correct. Ehcache can leverage Terracotta (and quite nicely given that they now own the mindshare behind Ehcache — though this support was there before). Terracotta works primarily at the bytecode level, well below Ehcache or other libraries.

  • Dorel Vaida

    Terracotta is by no means built on ehcache. It’s a mind blowing technology built from the ground up to bring out of the box scalability to Java programs, at the JVM level(Java Virtual Machine) with minimum configuration and minimal or no changes to the Java program. It has a plugin architecture which allows tight integration with a lot of open source Java frameworks and packages, one of which is ehcache.

    And yes, Terrastore is a super smart idea and it rocks :-)

  • Nat Torkington

    @Sergio, @Thomas, @Dorel: thanks for the correction–I misread the Terrastore page. I’ve updated the post.