Four short links: 7 January 2010

London Data, SEO Deathspiral, Subversion Search, Entity Extraction APIs

  1. London Datastore to Launch — the Mayor of London will launch a site full of London data. (via Ed Dumbill)
  2. Google Destroyed the Web — It’s hard to disagree with the basic contention that SEO aimed at Google’s rankings has fucked the web. It’s a vicious circle, too: the more fake content sites are created to game Google, the harder it will be for any new web search startup to filter that effluent and deliver meaningful results in competition to Google. This is a grim feedback loop.
  3. ReposSearch — search Subversion repositories.
  4. Survey of Entity Extraction APIs — he describes the qualititative differences in the APIs and their responses, finding that Evri and OpenAlchemy had the best for his needs.
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  • Marc Hedlund

    I’m happy to agree, regarding #2, that SEO crap is everywhere and awful. But I have to wonder if crap comes in roughly equal proportion to the good stuff. Here’s this thing we like and use, and because we like an use it, people try to exploit it in direct proportion to the number of us who use it and the amount we use it.

    If you believe that, then *usage* destroyed the web, not Google.

  • I think Google is god. Kills BHS, makes website work for us, gives us best results for keywords.