Roger Magoulas on Big Data

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From Google to Walmart, managing vast information flows is becoming central to how you run an effective business. Beyond the technical developments that are allowing for new possibilities in managing Big Data there are also new roles emerging within companies large and small; data scientists, visualization specialists etc.

In this second of two videos Roger discusses some exemplars in the emerging field of Big Data. From the Radar community: are there any unlikely companies (read: outside of tech) that are doing a great job in managing Big Data or using analytics to drive their business? We would love to hear about them.

Part one of the video is available here.

Roger will be moderating a panel this Tuesday, January 19 at Stanford titled, “Data Exhaust Alchemy – Turning the Web’s Waste into Solid Gold”

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  • davydka

    Is this page bringing up a mim-type error on osx for anyone else?

  • Jasica

    Good article. ShareThis is also leveraging Amazon Web Services and Aster Data for big data management and big data processing in the cloud.