Four short links: 1 February 2010

Android Charting, Trojan Cameras, Web-based IDE, Projected UIs

  1. Chartdroid — an open source charting library for Android.
  2. China Bugs and Burgles BritainThe gifts — cameras and memory sticks — have been found to contain electronic Trojan bugs which provide the Chinese with remote access to users’ computers. Beware geeks bearing gifts.
  3. Bespin — sexy HTML5 “code-in-the-cloud” IDE from Mozilla Labs. If the future is truly in locked-down hack-free devices whose only interface to the world is through the web browser, these sorts of IDEs are going to become critical for finding and raising the next generation of hackers.
  4. Light Blue Optics’ Light Touch turns any surface into a color touchscreen display (Engadget) — projects a UI and a built-in camera picks up your interactions with it.
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  • Brandon Harvey

    With all due respect, Nat, I can’t believe you’re helping proliferate the “without an open App Store, how will children ever learn to program?” meme.

  • Nat Torkington

    @Brandon I’m on the fence about it. I have kids, and I’m very aware that their Wii isn’t a gateway drug to programming in the same way that my C64 was. And I view with alarm the iPod-iPad trajectory of increasing restrictions. However, I have faith that Apple will be too domineering and controlling to build a developer ecosystem necessary to provide their users with everything they want. I also have faith that open platforms will become as beautiful and easy as Apple products already are, which will remove a lot of the Apple lust. I’m not ready to bury computer creativity and say that our generation is the last that will know an open platform.

    So I’m not sure I buy into the “without an open App Store, how will children ever learn to program” story. I do want to flag this web-based IDE, though–it’s an interesting direction for software development to go. I can easily imagine a time when creating a new project on gives you access to a web-based IDE for that project, hooked into revision control, documentation, and (of course) search. And the one thing you can say about a 0-download IDE is that it has a very low barrier to entry.

  • Kevin Dangoor

    One thing also about IDEs like Bespin is that more and more platforms are becoming capable of working with applications that are entirely based on HTML5/web technology. Generally, there is a server side (though there need not be), but the client can stand on its own only syncing with the server as needed.

    We’re working on making Bespin super easy to extend so that people can experiment with making Bespin easier for developing all sorts of apps.

    Thanks for the link!
    (Bespin project lead)

  • wow that article about Chartdroid was quite interesting. the one about Bespin was kinda neat too