Four short links: 17 February 2010

Homebrew Highspeed Video, Werewolf History, Digital Book Rights, Moddable Space Invaders

  1. Off-the-shelf camera hacked to grab high-speed video (New Scientist) — scientists used a chip from a home cinema projector to record 400fps on consumer video hardware. They put the chip, which has tiny moving mirrors, in front of the digital camera and it directs the incoming light sequentially over a grid of pixels in the digital camera, meaning that each of the digital camera’s frames contains 16 samples (frames) of the picture. You lose resolution but gain frames/second. (via viksnewsclippings)
  2. History of Werewolf — excellent history, which digs deeper than “it’s a Foo Camp phenomenon” and into the actual origins of the game.
  3. Digital Books and Your Rights: A Checklist for ReadersThe over-arching question: are digital books as good or better than physical books at protecting you and your rights as a reader? (via BoingBoing)
  4. Space Invaders Enterprise EditionThe magic of Space Invaders Enterprise Edition is actually under the hood. I’ve separated out the game logic from the Java source into a file parsed by a rules engine. This means we can easily view the game design, without it getting muddled with too much implementation code.
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