Four short links: 26 February 2010

Gov App Building, Android FPS, Graph Mining, Keeping Fit

  1. Who Is Going To Build The New Public Services? — a thoughtful exploration of the possibilities and challenges of third parties building public software systems. There’s a lot of talk of “just put up the data and we’ll build the apps” but I think this is a more substantial consideration of which apps can be built by whom.
  2. Quake 3 for Android — kiss the weekend goodbye, NexusOne owners! My theory is that no platform has “made it” until a first person shooter has been ported to it. (via BoingBoing)
  3. Graph Mining — slides and reading list from seminar series at UCSB on different aspects of mining graphs. Relevant because, obviously, social networks are one such graph to be mined.
  4. Treadmill Desk — I want one. Staying fit while working at a sedentary job is important but not easy. I tried to type while using a stepper, but that’s just a recipe for incomprehensible typing fail. (via BoingBoing)
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  • SteveL

    Of course, you can get these mini pedal things you can put under a desk, way less expensive. In the distant past I have hooked one up to a computer by way of a bike speedo and the joystick port’s fire button, so that if you didn’t pedal fast enough the screen saver kicked in. I think now what I’d do is something more subtle: throttle the internet bandwidth by pedal speed. The faster you pedal, the faster your downloads. That way, you earn your emails, and your flickr uploads.

  • kathy Sierra

    I considered a treadmill, but opted to work on my horseback riding while I work:

    Getting a tall enough desk was an issue… but I ended up with a $300 “personal scaffold” from Home Depot — which I love for all sorts of other reasons beyond adjustable height. (Just knowing I HAVE a “personal scaffold” makes me smile)

    There are a lot of ergonomic benefits to having a “neutral spine” (hence, lots of ergonomic/expensive “saddle” desk chairs now), but I am trying to get my 10,000 hours of riding in more quickly than my live creatures will ever allow.

    I have large foam pieces underneath, which means *constant* work on my core muscles, and it’s the one and only time I’ve ever been able to work at a desk with no back pain.