Fourt short links: 16 Feb 2010

Curation, Voice Assistance, Data Silos, and Voice Transcription Poetry

  1. Of Tandoori and Epicuration (JP Rangaswami) — Curation is the process by which aggregate data is imbued with personalised trust.
  2. Siri — a personal assistant iPhone app, like IWantSandy but with voice recognition.
  3. Evaluating the Reasons for Non-use of Cornell University’s Institutional Repository — great lessons for all open data projects. The reward structure established by each discipline largely defines the motivation behind faculty behavior. As eloquently stated by the economist, “While we are going through a digital revolution – in the way we teach and communicate with each other – the reputation of being published in the print journals is still the strongest incentive for motivation.” This position was largely echoed by the engineer, who stated “what is holding us to the journal is the promotion procedure. This is about a problem of measurement with how Cornell evaluates my work.” That said, there are real risks associated with changing one’s practices, especially when one assumes the role of an early innovator. As the communication faculty member summarized, “There has to be a better way than the current system, but I’m not willing to be on the leading edge in using that system.” (via JHW)
  4. Google Voice Transcriptions Annotated as Poetry — found art that reminds us that it’s hard to wreck a nice beach.

    WHATEVER THIS IS (Caller: My friend Christina)

    Hey mister
    it’s Christina
    just left you a message and then
    I got your message and realized
    you’re stuck out

    but I’ll try you.

    But yeah, just trying to be tomorrow
    (if you get the chance)
    And if you’re a few Karen in China the next day
    Council lot more
    eating minnows on the step
    and give me a little

    I’ll be hanging around then and I am
    whatever this is.

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