Lightning Demos and Ignite!: Micropresentations at TOC 2010

At the first three TOC Conferences, we held evening “Lightning Demo” sessions for brief product pitches and short-form presentations. The constraints of a brief time slot often spur impressive creativity among speakers (and for the audience, the clunkers are mercifully short!).

This year, we’re putting the Lightning Demos right in the main program (on Wednesday morning) with a great list of people and companies ready to give a short but sweet preview of their technology. And we’re bringing the popular Ignite! format to the Tuesday afternoon keynotes, with our first-ever Ignite! TOC. Ignite speakers have exactly 5 minutes to speak, exactly 20 slides to show, and exactly 15 seconds for each slide. It’s a fun and fast way to sample a lot of great stuff in a short amount of time (there’s some great Ignite! videos up on iTunes and on the Ignite website if you want a sneak peek at the format).

I’m almost certain we’ll sell out for TOC New York sometime early next week, so if you haven’t registered yet, sign up today.