The future of publishing lives on and around the web

Richard Nash outlines his gameplan for uniting audiences and content

I’m at the Tools of Change for Publishing conference this week interviewing folks at the forefront of the publishing world. I’ll be posting a few videos here on Radar and you can find others at the TOC blog.

My favorite part of TOC is the energy. There’s a lot of positivity coursing through the venue. There’s a lot of forward thinking, too. And when you run into Richard Nash, founder of Cursor, you’re encountering the embodiment of all that TOC enthusiasm. He’s the anti-curmudgeon.

As you’ll see in the following interview, Nash is passionate about the web’s ability to connect audiences and authors with the topics that excite them. I found his thoughts on tagging really compelling (1:57 mark). It’s a useful reference point for the organic nature of web communities.

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