Four short links: 18 March 2010

DIY Newspapers, Saviour Algorithms, Baseline Removal, and Web Scripting

  1. Newspaper Club Launches (BBC) — the uses it has been put to make for good reading: Among the Newspaper Club’s first clients were the BBC, Wired UK and Penguin used it to debut a preview of the fifth chapter of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, written by Eoin Colfer.
  2. Machine Learning Algorithm with a Capital AIt’s claimed to be close to the way the brain learns/recognizes patterns and to be a general model of intelligence and it will work for EVERYTHING. This reminded me of a few other things I’ve come across in the past years that claim to be the new Machine Learning algorithm with Capital A, i.e. the algorithm to end all other ML work, which will work on all problems, and so on. Here is a small collection of the three most interesting ones I remembered.
  3. fityk — GPL program for nonlinear fitting of analytical functions (especially peak-shaped) to data (usually experimental data). There are also people using it to remove the baseline from data, or to display data only. (via straup on delicious)
  4. Chickenfoot — Firefox plugin to let you script and manipulate web pages. Useful for automation, like Greasemonkey, but acts on the rendered page and not the HTML source.
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