Four short links: 23 March 2010

PM Plugs Tech, Science Bloggers, History Repeats, Beautiful Math

  1. British Prime Minister’s Speech — a huge amount of the speech is given to digital issues, including the funding and founding of an “Institute for Web Science” headed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. (via Rchards on Twitter)
  2. Periodic Table of Science Bloggers — a great way to explore the universe of science blogging. (via sciblogs)
  3. For All The Tea in China — a tale of industrial espionage from the 1800s. The man behind the theft was Robert Fortune, a Scottish-born botanist who donned mandarin garb, shaved the top of his head and attached a long braid as part of a disguise that allowed him to pass as Chinese so he could go to areas of the country that were off-limits to foreigners. He forged a token and stole IP, in some ways it’s like the reverse of the Google-China breakin. (via danjite on Twitter)
  4. Nature by Numbers — relating numbers, geometry, and nature. Beautiful and educational. (via BoingBoing)
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