Four short links: 8 March 2010

Vigilantes, Yawn Digital, Interactivity Advice, eBook Design

  1. China’s Cyberposse (NY Times) — is vigilante justice ok if the cause is right? Is it okay if there wouldn’t be justice without it? Does the end justify the means? Many interesting questions raised by this large-scale Internet-based “human-flesh-search” in China. In the future we are all 4chan. (via waxy, who also recommended this article on the same subject)
  2. Questioning “Born Digital” (The Economist) — an interesting collection of healthy skepticism about how the “born digital” folks will change everything. […] many of his incoming students have only a superficial familiarity with the digital tools that they use regularly, especially when it comes to the tools’ social and political potential. Only a small fraction of students may count as true digital natives, in other words. The rest are no better or worse at using technology than the rest of the population.
  3. The Participatory Museum — a new book by the mighty museum mind, Nina Simon. The ideas are very usable outside of the museum world: raid this for social and engagement ideas for your own situation.
  4. Designing for Digital: What Print-Book Designers Should Know About Ebooks — course notes covering format choice, tools, and (yes) typesetting. (via liza on Twitter)
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