GIW Day Four: Bangalore, Boston, Jakarta, NYC, and Seattle

The fourth day of Global Ignite Week is the strongest. There are 31 Ignites happening today around the world. I’ll be hosting Ignite Seattle tonight.

We have already posed the first videos from Global Ignite Week. First up is an Ignite talk on the creation of OK Go’s latest video featuring a Rube Goldberg machine. It’s done Adam Sadowsky, the designer of Rube Goldberg machine. The video took months of preparation and 20 consecutive 18 hour days.

Ignite Ann Arbor

Ignite Baltimore

Ignite Bangalore

Ignite Boston

Ignite Brisbane

Ignite Bristol

Ignite Cardiff

Ignite Denmark

Ignite Fort Collins

Ignite Hamburg

(the other 21 are after the jump)

Ignite Houston

Ignite Iowa City

Ignite Jakarta

Ignite Lisbon

Ignite Liverpool

Ignite Lyon

Ignite Minneapolis

Ignite Missoula

Ignite Monterrey

Ignite Silicon Valley

Ignite Nashville

Ignite New Haven

Ignite NYC

Ignite Oporto

Ignite Italia

Ignite Salem

Ignite Salt Lake

Ignite Seattle

Ignite Tampa Bay

Ignite Tulsa