GIW Day Three: Bangkok, Beijing, Brussels, Budapest, Dallas, Toronto, Cincinnatti, Raleigh and PDX


There are 13 Ignites happening on 3/3 (the daily total will peak on Thursday with >30 Ignites). The very first one starts soon in Bangkok at 6AM EST (for those of us in the US). Yesterday, I attended Ignite SMX in Santa Clara . Matt Cutts talked about Google’s newly released SEO Report Card. Danny Sullivan talked about the history Google’s logo doodles.

Ignite Montreal reported the following about their inaugural event: “14 speakers, 217 attendees, and we even raised $2000 for charity (to be split between Doctors without Borders & the Red Cross in Haiti).” Ignite SF was sold out.

On Tuesday we also had out first sets of streaming Ignites. I watched a bit of the Ignite Alberque. Ignite SMX and SF were also broadcasting. Tonight I’ll be attending Portland; it will be streaming. The streams will be available on the Ignite video site.

Here are today’s events:

Ignite Bangkok

Ignite Beijing

Ignite Brussels

Ignite Budapest

Ignite Cincinnati

Ignite Dallas

Ignite Madrid

Ignite Portland

Ignite Raleigh

Ignite Sacramento

Ignite Sebastopol

Ignite Toronto

Ignite Waterloo