GIW Day Two: SF, Denver, New Mexico, Philly, Sydey, Melbourne, Montreal, Manila, Princeton and More

crowdeye ignite traffic

Global Ignite Week (GIW) is in full swing. Yesterday there were 7 events and today there are 13. Thursday of this week has over 30 events scheduled. As you can see from this Crowdeye graphic there are a lot of people talking about GIW.

The very first Ignite of the day will be starting very shortly in Autralia.

Ignite New Mexico

Ignite Anchorage

Ignite Casablanca

Ignite Denver

Ignite London

Ignite Manila

Ignite Melbourne

Ignite Montreal

Ignite Philly

Ignite Princeton

Ignite Bay Area

Ignite Sydney

Ignite Wellington

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Ignite: from March 1-5 there will be >65 Ignite events happening around the world. Ignite is an opportunity for geeks to share their passions and ideas with local peers. Each speaker gets 20 slides that each auto-advance after 15 seconds for a total of just 5 minutes. The result is bite-size chunks of information that inform the crowd on new topics. There are lots of Ignite videos online.