A few weeks in, a third of iPad Books are Fiction

Measured in terms of number of titles, half of the over 46,000 (paid and free) books available that we detected as being offered through the iBooks app are from 6 categories1. Fiction & Literature alone account for close to a third of all available iBooks titles:


The current set of titles is indicative of the publishers (and/or imprints) that Apple reached out to prior to the launch of the iPad, so expect the mix of iBooks titles to change over the next few months, as more publishers make their titles available through iBooks:


[The MEAN price of all PAID apps in the 25 largest categories can be found HERE.]

(1) There are over a hundred iBooks categories, the charts contain only the 25 largest. Data for this post is from 4/15 through 4/26/2010.

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