Four short links: 13 April 2010

Find the Pretty, Win the Prize, Manage the Data, and Model the Temple

  1. 0to255 — simple cute colour-generator. (via Hacker News)
  2. ProPublica Wins Pulitzer Prize (NYTimes) — important landmark in the rise of online journalism. The award is a landmark for ProPublica, founded in 2007, and the other digital news outlets that have sprouted around the country. Over the last few years, the Pulitzer Prize board has relaxed the eligibility rules, allowing news sites to submit work published only online; this year there were many such submissions.
  3. Big Data Workshop — unconference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. (via jchris on Twitter
  4. 3D Machu Picchu, Created With LIDAR — viewable in Google Earth, took over 1,200 hours of work. (via skry on Twitter)
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