Four short links: 5 April 2010

Intelligence, Community, Compression, and UI Hackery

  1. Wrong about the iPad (Tim Bray) — I am actively ignoring the iPad drivel, but this line caught my eye: Intelligence is a text-based application.
  2. Fertile Medium — online community consultancy, from the first and former Flickr community coordinator. One to watch: Heather and Derek really know their community. Again I say it: understanding of how open source and other collaborative communities can function is rare and valuable. (via waxy)
  3. pigz — parallel gzip implementation. Voom voom, so fast! (via kellan on Delicious
  4. Prefab: What If We Could Modify Any Interface? — screen-scraping for GUIs to bolt on new functionality to user interfaces. This is incredible. Watch the demo, it’s impressive!
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