Four short links: 8 April 2010

0Day BLINK, Code Review, Business Models, and Cognitive Visualization

  1. BLINK Tag Security Advisory — sounds April 1sty, but WebKit had an executable code vulnerability related to use of the BLINK tag. (via followr on Twitter)
  2. Gerrita web based code review system, facilitating online code reviews for projects using the Git version control system. (via mattb on Delicious)
  3. Open Source Business Models (PDF) — presentation by Matt Aslett of The 451 Group, giving a framework for understanding how license, community, development model, and business model interact. Was a talk at OSBC. (via Stephen Wall)
  4. Graphical Perception: Learn the Fundamentals First (Flowing Data) — a list of visual cues ordered by how well people perceive them, and examples of how they’re used in visualizations. Visualization isn’t just art, there’s science behind it and just as great artists know the science behind their medium, great data artists understand the cognitive science behind their techniques.
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