Games & Entertaiment account for half of all iPad apps

98% of apps in the U.S. iTunes app store label themselves as “iPad compatible”, but most were written for iPhones or iPods. One week into its launch there are about 2,300 apps that run only on iPads. Measured in terms of number of unique apps, Games and Entertainment account for about half of all the iPad apps:


The number of iPhone apps in the Book category is inflated because many individual ebooks are counted as apps. In comparison, iBooks and other ebook readers are used to manage individual ebooks on an iPad so there are fewer (iPad-only) Book apps.

Unlike the iPhone and Android app ecosystems, the majority of Top 100 apps aren’t Games. At least for now, other categories are much more represented in the Top 100 charts:


As expected, popular iPad apps are priced higher than popular iPhone apps. As an example, popular Productivity apps sell for over $10 on average; popular Games sell for $7. The chart below shows the average†† price of the Top 100 iPad apps:


(†) This post is limited to apps that run ONLY on iPads. Some apps are classified in several categories, so some double-counting occurs in the percentages shown in the charts.

(††) Just like the iPhone, there are three Top 100 Charts for the iPad: Top 100 Free, Paid, and Grossing. I took all the apps that appeared in the Top 100 Paid/Grossing charts and grouped them by category, then calculated the mean.

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