Four short links: 24 May 2010

Google Docs APIs, Wikileaks Founder Profile, DNA Hacking, and Abusing the Numbers

  1. Appscale — open source implementation of Google App engine’s APIs built on top of Amazon’s APIs, from UCSB. You can deploy on Amazon or on any Amazon API-compliant cloud such as Eucalyptus.
  2. Information Pioneers — the Chartered Institute for IT has a pile of video clips about famous IT pioneers (Lovelace, Turing, Lamarr, Berners-Lee, etc.).
  3. This Week in Law — podcast from Denise Howell, covering IT law and policy. E.g., this week’s episode covers “Google Books, Elena Kagen, owning virtual land, double-dipping game developers, Facebook tips, forced follow bug and fragile egos, embedding tweets, Star Trek Universe liability, and more.”
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  • Lucy Gray

    Here’s an example of using the Google Docs API. In the name of transparency, I’m doing some consulting work for yolink, a search technology that utilizes the Google Docs API. Do a search with this Chrome or Firefox add-on and you can export selected results to Google Docs. You have the option of creating a new doc or appending an existing one. The new doc feature is a bit buggy right now due to recent changes in the API, but appending works just fine. yolink also exists in an integrated form…. to see it in action, do a search at and you’ll see the yolink toolbar on the lefthand side of your results.