Four short links: 5 May 2010

Web IDEs, Timely Election Displays, Face Recognition, # Books/Kindle

  1. Sketch for Processing — an IDE for Processing based on Mozilla’s Bespin.
  2. British Election Results to be Broadcast on Big Ben — the monument is the message. Lovely integration of real-time data and architecture, an early step for urban infrastructure as display.
  3. API — an alpha API for face recognition.
  4. Average Number of Books/Kindle — short spreadsheet figuring out, from cited numbers. (Spoiler: the answer is 27)
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  • Andrew Broman

    I don’t know about the average Kindle user, but my Kindle is filled with books largely from sources other than Amazon. (O’Reilly is my primary source, actually.) The given statistic assumes all ebooks are from the Amazon store.