Four short links: 6 May 2010

Ethics, Regulation, TCP/IP, and Time Travel

  1. Ethics and EconomicsThis paper looks at the evidence that suggests that ethical behaviour is good for the economy.
  2. FCC to Regulate BroadbandTwo FCC officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will announce Thursday that the commission considers broadband service a hybrid between an information service and a utility and that it has sufficient power to regulate Internet traffic under existing law.
  3. TCP/IP and IMS Sequence Diagrams — watch SYN, ACK, payload, etc. packets to and fro to understand what really happens each time you fetch mail or surf the web. This is what Velocity-type devops performance folks care about.
  4. How to Build a Time Machine (Daily Mail) — extremely readable article by Stephen Hawking about the possibilities of time travel.
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  • Eugene Stenly

    Stephen Hawking is a genius whose book A Brief History of Time greatly influenced my model of the universe and my system of beliefs. This article of his is much more trivial and portrays a primitive and linear model of time. Model of parallel timelines removes all contradictions…

  • Falafulu Fisi

    Umm, time machine is nonsense. It is littered with paradoxes . This is when physics become nonsense. These claims are no more than just interpretations of mathematical artifacts from solutions to general relativity. It can’t correspond to physical reality, because it has philosophical contradictions of law of identity. When law of identity is contradicted, such as time-traveling, then that physical phenomena can’t exist. It is akin to someone denying physical existence itself while using his brain/mind (which exists) to do the denying.