Four short links: 8 June 2010

Neuroplasticity, Crime Landscapes, Math Help, and Visualization Tutorials

  1. Neuroplasticity is a Dirty Word (MindHacks) — quick roundup of some of the more important ways in which the brain changes. It’s currently popular to solemnly declare that a particular experience must be taken seriously because it ‘rewires the brain’ despite the fact that everything we experience ‘rewires the brain’. […] Clearly this is rubbish and every time you hear anyone, scientist or journalist, refer to neuroplasticity, ask yourself what specifically they are talking about. If they don’t specify or can’t tell you, they are blowing hot air. In fact, if we banned the word, we would be no worse off.
  2. If San Francisco Crime was Elevation — elegant way to visualise the crime statistics from DataSF. (via BoingBoing)
  3. Math Overflow — a Stack Overflow type site for math questions. (via evilmadscientist)
  4. A Protovis Primer — tutorials for the Javascript visualisation toolkit. (via Flowing Data)
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