Ignite NYC IX This Wednesday, 6/9

ignite nyc

Ignite NYC is returning for its 9th edition during the third Internet Week; I’ll be co-hosting with Igntie NYC Director Tikva Morowati. We’ve got a great set of speakers and we’ll be holding the event this Wednesday at Internet Week’s Headquarters (Metropolitan Pavilion; 125 W. 18th Street – register). As always each speaker will get just 5 minutes on stage with 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. You can see previous Ignite NYC videos on Igniteshow.com.

ANIL DASH: @anildash, dashes.com, Expert Labs


“I Live Nowhere” …Nine months ago I broke my lease agreement, put my stuff in storage, and started hopping from sublet to sublet on both coasts. Here’s what I learned about material ownership, personal connections, and how unnecessary it is to own a hair dryer.

CATHERINE WHITE: @catherine_white, justwhitenoise.com

“The Noisy Idiot Dilemma” …How do we work together online in groups when there are noisy, dominant and often unhelpful people in the group? Especially when these people are not necessarily breaking forum rules, instead they often just make group collaboration and decision making difficult, if not impossible. The Noisy Idiot Dilemma attempts to provide a global overview of this behavior through studying online forums and proposes optimization methods for online group conversation and collaboration.

HEATHER DEWEY-HAGBORG: deweyhagborg.com

“Power/Play” …Machine Learning and the broader category of Artificial Intelligence are rapidly expanding with the mutual explosions of the internet, social networking, and surveillance. In my talk I will introduce the concept of inductive bias, an inextricable component in the framework of intelligent computer systems. I will discuss how this bias represents an abstract danger which could have very real social and political consequences.

Finally I will talk about how my recent art projects experiment with taking the apparatus of surveillance technology and re-purposing its mechanisms for the intention of play rather than the reinforcement of power.

JEREMIE MILLER: @jeremie, knowmore.com.

“Our Digitally Distributed Future” …When we hear the IBM quote from the 50s ” that six electronic digital computers would be sufficient to satisfy the computing needs of the entire United States” we think it’s ridiculous, but it’s not! We’re heading towards that model with the massive Google, Amazon, and Facebook data centers that we are all now entirely beholden to. It’s time to wake up to this trend, and to make sure the future Internet app builders and creators still have options to work together directly without requiring approved timeshares in the cloud mainframes, I’m working on a new public protocol called TeleHash to build an open decentralized platform owned operated by everyone.

JOSH KNOWLES: @chasing, auscillate.com

“Games in Social Media” …Games are compelling. Games are educational. Games are addictive. And casual gaming is heavily influencing the current wave of social media services. Think FourSquare and Mayorships. Or Reddit and Karma. I’ll give an overview of how game design is influencing social media design, show some examples of who’s doing the really cool stuff, and talk about what the future of games in social media may hold. The text of a similar talk Josh gave at SXSW is here.

LARRY SMITH: @smithmag, SMITH Magazine

“Told You I’d Be Published Someday: The Story of the Six-Word Memoir Project” …Dubbed “American Haiku,” in the past few years, Six-Word Memoirs have become a global phenomenon. Now found in classroom and churches, for speed daters and as Facebook status updates—Six-Word Memoirs offers anyone and everyone a telling peek at humanity and a chance to find the writer within. But where did it come from and, really, can you tell a story in just six words? In words, images, and even short (short!) videos, I’ll prove that you can, and show you how.

LAUREN SIEGAL: @igivegoodtweet, YouTube, The Best Channel in the History of Ever

“Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make me a Match and Sell a Shit Load of my Product too” …Match your brand with key influencers on the web to produce custom content that aligns with your brand’s objectives, and still entertains the producer’s audience, your demographic! In this life changing talk, I will clue you in on how to identify gurus who will move the needle for your business, leverage a passionate audience, and get hella views. We will walk through case studies, best practices and lessons learned.

MILA ANTONOVA: @bridgeunion, bridgeunion.com.

“Bridge Is a Powerful Mind Game” …My favorite quote by Mae West (she found great connection between my two favorite things): “Good sex is like good Bridge: if you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.” I want share my passion and explain why do I think that bridge is awesome game.

SHIRA LAZAR: @shiralazar, shiralazar.com, CBS News

“Living Curiously” …As an on-air host, interviewer and the first video blogger at CBSNews.com, Shira Lazar lets us in on why living curiously and being interested instead of focusing on being interesting can inspire us all to reach new heights personally and professionally.

STOWE BOYD: @stoweboyd, stoweboyd.com

“Publicy And The Erosion Of Privacy” …We are rapidly moving into a more open web, propelled ahead by the individual decisions of millions of online denizens to share more information about themselves and the world they live in. This is the rise of publicy, and it represents nothing less than a new social contract, with very different forms of interaction and identity. At the same time, an era based largely on privacy — revealing personal and social information only in limited and tightly controlled contexts — seems to be eroding at a rate that is startling to some. Recent controversies — like Facebook’s ‘Privacygate’ — raise issues of public policy and personal controls, even as many simply say ‘get over it; privacy is dead.’ Where is this heading, and what should we do?

ZACH LIEBERMAN: @zachlieberman, EyeWriter, YesYesNo

“DIWO is the new DIY” …An explanation of DIWO (do it with others) movement (as the logical extension of DIY culture) and recent collaborations including the eyewriter, an open source eye tracker to help a paralyzed artist draw again.

GREG LEUCH: @gleuch , gleuch.com

“Shaved Bieber” …a Firefox Add-on and browser bookmarklet by Greg Leuch that covered up mentions of Justin Bieber on web pages. The project, as it spread from blog to blog, newspaper to radio to tv, tweet to reblog, began attracting the Bieber fans, who began backlashing against Greg on Twitter, in blog comments, and various other places online.

There will be an after-party hosted by Rackspace.

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“Hey, Healthcare! It’s 2010.” …The health care system is sooo far behind, it’s embarrassing. We still have to call doctors’ offices! We can only make appointments between 9 and 5, which means making embarrassing calls in your cubicle at work, or just never getting that checkup because it’s a pain to find a new doctor, or any doctor who will see you. I want to inspire people to raise their expectations. We freak out when our flight is delayed a half an hour, but just expect to wait 3 hours at the doctor’s office. What’s up with that?