Open source and health care already have a history

Fred Trotter on how open source and health IT are working together.

Fred Trotter,
organizer of the annual OSHealthCon summit, has
developed open source software for the health care field for many
years. Most recently, he released a new national provider
identifier search tool
based on publicly available data.

Trotter will provide an overview of the open source health care IT space
at next month’s OSCON convention.

Health IT at OSCON 2010He previews his OSCON session and discusses the following in the associated podcast:

  • How mashing up data about doctors and treatment quality reveals trends and helps health care professionals make assessments.
  • How he curated and organized information on 3 million health care providers to create the NPIdentify project.
  • How open source data applies to the health care space, and where the real costs of software lie.

Fred Trotter will examine the history of the open source health care movement and its near-term future at the OSCON convention (running July 19-23 in Portland, Ore.). Learn more about OSCON’s new health track.

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